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ModernComforts: Stay Wary Ahead of Diwali Festive Season

A total of 238.5 million Covid-19 cases have been confirmed worldwide with over 4.8 million been associated with death. The US reported over 44.5 million cases of infection with approximately 700,000 deaths. However, more than half of American adults have taken both of their vaccination doses as of now. Around 187 million US adults are fully vaccinated whereas over 217 million Americans are partially vaccinated, only having received the first dose.

Meanwhile, 15,823 new cases of Covid infection have been recorded in India, which is slightly less than the past few consecutive days, with the daily rise in new cases of infection staying below the 30,000 mark for almost 20 days in a row. India surpasses the mark of three crores around the third week of June.

With active cases declining to 2,07,653, the nation’s recovery rate from Coronavirus was reported to be around 98.06%, as per the Union Health Ministry. Although the recovery rate has been higher compared to the fatality rate, people are still advised to keep their guards up especially ahead of the forthcoming festive season.

In order to curb the spread, the government is actively ensuring that there is no shortage of infrastructure in the hospitals. Alongside, we urge all our readers to follow the tightened guidelines, exempt from unnecessary movements and adhere to the new rules taken to avoid your state from becoming the next hotspot of Covid infections. To further ensure your safety, we are here with our safety and sanitization products. Here’s the link to shop all your safety equipment in one place

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