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Budget Boost: Driving Growth and Sustainability in the Amusement and Tourism Sector

Ankur Maheshwary, Founder, Masti Zone - "The interim budget presented yesterday brings a wave of optimism for the Amusement and Tourism Industry. The allocation of funds towards infrastructure development, including roads and highways, bodes well for boosting tourist inflow and enhancing connectivity to amusement destinations. Moreover, the focus on controlling fiscal deficit demonstrates prudent financial management, instilling confidence in investors and stakeholders. The provision of long-term interest-free rates to states is a commendable move, facilitating sustainable development initiatives that can catalyze tourism growth. Additionally, the budget's emphasis on promoting domestic tourism through tax incentives and promotional campaigns is expected to invigorate the sector, driving both domestic and international footfall. Overall, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaram's interim budget sets a positive trajectory for the Amusement and Tourism Industry, fostering growth, sustainability, and competitiveness in the years ahead."

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