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Here’s Everything you Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccination — Latest Statistics

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As the number of coronavirus vaccine doses administered internationally surge, this blog brings you the latest updates around the worldwide vaccination programs with the most recent statistics of the global population.

In order to bring the pandemic at halt, a large section of the world needs to be vaccinated, and consequently made immune to the novel coronavirus. A number of research teams, and medical experts around the world have grinded day in and day out to develop vaccines that can counter the challenge of the rapid contagion of the virus.

This blog shows you the most recent statistics of vaccination around various countries, you can explore the county-level insights provided here to make a comparative analysis as well.

The very first dose of the coronavirus vaccine was administered in the United Kingdom, in the month of December 2020, following that the international effort of vaccination has rapidly grew with almost each country starting with their own vaccine programs.

With Americans receiving a total of 121 million doses so far, the last week’s average bordered around 2.25 million doses per day. Given the pace of the vaccine administration the US, it will take 5 more months to cover the entire global populace.

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