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Best Summer-Winter Holidays? Snow Mastiii is your calling.

Before summertime bids us goodbye, make sure to delve in the blues of Snow Mastiii, Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida — a naturally curated unforgettable snow heaven. It’s unnatural to believe that you can go all the way to the European region to experience snow and make summers more bearable.

The family friendly snow spot offers the conditions all-round the year but the best can be made out of the Arctic park in the summers. The array of offerings makes it an ideal summer hangout for those who live for the thrill of a challenge, kids and adults alike.

Apart from the snowy carpet dances, you can enjoy the exceptional Gondola Ride and feel the serenity of the enchanting snowy covers from a height that makes it appear absolutely magnificent. Sounds super exciting? It indeed it, wonder no longer where you can avail all the fun promised by Snow Mastiii and visit the Snow Park loaded with attractions such as snow animals, snow slides, snow DJ, igloo mazes, etc.

Additionally, we have our gamezone: Mastiii Zone is India’s premium gaming zone by Modern Group. Modern Group makes these trampoline park for Mastiii Zone and for its customers as turnkey solutions. Modern Group is also involved in Health & Sanitization products.

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