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Where are the most classic of games?

We are living in times where we have ample fun activities that could be done online, we go digital and the physical space becomes non-existent. Given the historical and unprecedented times, we are living in, we have made our peace with the new normal of a digitalized world. However, we are here briefly to remind you that nothing compares to the joy that's shared in real space, the 'living' moments of our life that we share with one another. Especially, if you are a gamer or someone who has an insatiable appetite for something trying new, in Mastiii Zone you can have non-stop gaming sessions in trendy décor.

More than a collection of arcades that are a window to our past, Mastiii Zone features various futuristic VR games and rides as well. The virtual Reality section at Mastiii Zone Grand Venice Greater Noida is indeed the highlight of all gaming options. Yes, the GameZone, known for its grandeur and amusement quality, transcends time and space, making it the next place on your "Must-visit" list when you are in the vicinity to experience what Mastiii crowd us raving about. A surprise next door is our Snow theme park, Snow Mastiii which is as cool as it gets, metaphorically as well as literally. if you are looking for an added layer of adventure, the mega rides: Trampoline, Zipline, and Softplay for the little ones got you covered. Grab yourself a ticket now!

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