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Want to Whip Snow Balls at your Friends? Snow Mastiii Awaits you!

For today's talk I have chosen my absolute favorite man-made place to get some fresh air, or slide, ride or even rail. Could you already guess what I'm hinting at?

Yes, you guessed it right – ‘Snow Mastiii: Greater Noida’. Well I understand, cold places may not be everyone's favorite go to fun spaces but I can ascertain that you'll definitely love the ‘family inclusive fun’ concept.

Snow Mastiii is one of the most progressive indoor snow parks in India – the urban style park has ridiculously entertaining rides which are always well maintained, making it a hit with kids and adults likewise.

It is a creative take on traditional snow parks as it goes a step ahead in offering a wide diversity of acrobatic activities ranging from Snow Zorbing, Snow Climbing, Adult Tube Slides, Kiddie Tube Slides to Hanging Bridge, Snow Castle, and Snow Disco.

We reckon the coolest aspect of this Delhi based gem is that visitors can wander through the puzzling lanes or climb on the sidewalls and celebrate the season; cold or warm.

Additionally, we have our gamezone: Mastiii Zone is India’s premium gaming zone by Modern Group. Modern Group makes these trampoline park for Mastiii Zone and for its customers as turnkey solutions. Modern Group is also involved in Health & Sanitization products.

Modern Group websites:

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