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Looking For a Glamorous Wedding After Prolonged Pandemic?

When it comes to planning your wedding ceremony, choosing a beautiful and a truly unique venue that complements your theme of wedding and makes all the pieces of pre-wedding fall in place is definitely the most crucial step.

Shyam Vatika's stunning ambiance is what attracts several families to manifest their dream wedding into a reality. Located in Gwalior, Shyam Vatika provides an open-air venue for hosting one of the most days of anyone's life - your wedding ceremonies. So if you are out looking for hospitality that stands apart, Shyam Vatika at Saraswati Estate Near Birla Nagar Railway Station Cimmco Tiraha is your place where elegance blends with luxury, making your wedding a memorable one.

Here, caterers have a very clear and uncomplicated menu that is not only customizable to your guests' requirements but is also unconventionally surprising and organic.

Shyam Vatika at Gwalior honors Indian culture with a modern twist to the traditional ways that would play a powerful memory trigger of your big day in years to come.

Check out our websites to explore our unmissable photo gallery and get in touch to start planning your exclusive wedding in the historically rich city Gwalior, we bet our fairy-tale setting will be on your shortlist!

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