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Indian Culture Meets Unconventional Surprises At This Stunning Wedding Venue

While the biggest weddings seem to be the destination ones, today's is a little treat from one of my absolute favorite chosen wedding destinations in India, Madhya Pradesh. Let me know if the fabulous details of lush decor don't divert you from your original wedding plan!

Here, caterers have a very clear and uncomplicated menu that is not only customizable to your guests' requirements but is also unconventionally surprising and organic. Another thing you can count on at Shyam Vatika: a team of talented decorators who are experts at adorning the walls with floral centerpieces – a bold statement – giving your guests the vibes of a garden party wedding.

Shyam Vatika at Gwalior honors Indian culture with a modern twist to the traditional ways that would play a powerful memory trigger of your big day in years to come.

Check out our websites to explore our unmissable photo gallery and get in touch to start planning your exclusive wedding in the historically rich city Gwalior, we bet our fairy-tale setting will be on your shortlist!

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