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Here's How to Battle Second-Wave of Covid-19

As the country faces the second wave of the novel coronavirus, it becomes imperative that people hold their ground and avoid being panic-stricken if we are to collectively battle the sudden upsurge in the number of new cases. Various scientific and behavioral aspects are to be monitored, upgraded, and be adjusted to, in order to settle down the vicious flow.

February marked the lowest number of daily recorded cases, in the entire life span of the virus, since the early beginning around 8 months ago. However, these new hopeful statistics didn't hold for long as a sudden surge took over - turning administrations back on the path of expected lockdowns.

Furthermore, the all-time high since the outbreak of COVID-19, in regard to the number of daily infections was seen just 5 days ago, on April 4th. The numbers were surpassed subsequently on April 6th, crossing over 115,000 from 100,000.

As the number of cases relatively declined for a while in 2021 - being as exhausted as people were due to the prolonged quarantine, turned to the usual ways of accessing public places, which led to catastrophic outcomes, visibly so. The much-restricted freedom led to a feeling of suppression that erupted in uglier ways, as people, desperate to feel normalcy returning, led their guards down. The incorporation of vaccines also played a huge role in taking pressure off the people as they ventured out in malls, restaurants, and other institutions that were witnessing a constant loss.

As the RNA viruses continue to add mutations, while duplicating themselves, there is speculation by the medical experts that the virus might still be evolving, in terms of transmissibility. There are a number of variants being detected in various parts of the world, with different transmissibility potential - The variant with the highest potential for transmission, initially detected in the UK, is now also making a way in India, with being found in 10% of samples. The highest concentration of the same has been found in Punjab and Maharashtra. The expansion in the variants of Sars-CoV-2 has multiplied the chances of escaping the immune mechanism embraced by the virus. Hence, considering the severity of the threat, to counter it, the human behavior and practices that have led to the sudden surge in the number of infections have to be moderated with stricter guidelines and more cohesive approaches by the system.

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