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Forge Your Own Path to Victory at Mastiii Zone

Mastiii Zone offers non-stop gaming which includes Adult Trampoline, Zipline, 7D Theatre, House of the dead, Softplay, Cricket Simulator, Dashing Cars, and much more. The games lined up at Mastiii Zone entail classic twists happily co-existing with modern-day varieties.

It covers beginner to advanced difficulty levels and Virtual Reality games that will leave you feeling like being right there in the action! In no particular order, all Mastiii Zones spread across India is nothing less than a capital of the gaming scene in itself. The way Mastiii Zone has brought back the culture of arcade gaming, imagining its disappearance has become impossible now.

One can spot some of the world’s most innovative initiatives taken in the gamers’ world at Mastiii Zone as we keep abreast of the trend. Games so groundbreaking that kids from all age groups would love to win rewards, win battles, get paired up, and get started with new games, new modes, new horrors, new fantasies, and new survivals which make you become a part of epic battles and story moments that will never really leave you.

Find us at Mastiii Zone and wait! The games you would bump into during your first visit are just the outermost surface of the fun seated within which would await your vibrant spirit to come and explore the gaming potential of the zone and that in you.

Mastiii Zone is India’s premium gaming zone by Modern Group. Modern Group makes these trampoline park for Mastiii Zone and for its customers as turnkey solutions. Modern Group is also involved in Health & Sanitization products and make products like Shoe Sanitizer, UV Sanitizer Machine, Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser, etc.

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