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COVID-19: Modern Comforts in Defense

As the pandemic deepened, it brought a series of challenges for health care organizations and health systems all across the globe as the supplies were faced with limitations. A large group of people avoided seeking healthcare facilities fearing the contagion, it led to a tremendous fall in the numbers of patients accessing health care. Interestingly, the pandemic has wittingly highlighted the deep underlying issues in Indian healthcare systems, and also around the world. The traumatic themes of the novel coronavirus has led to a dramatic shift in the medical psychology — creating major opportunities for much needed reforms. We, here at Modern focus on solutions at a domestic as well as national level, and as the pandemic successfully illustrated the critical role of steady and affordable health care services, we adopted to actively combat the pandemic by stepping onto the contaminated field. Just a few months ago Modern came up with its new venture, filling the major gaps we found in prevention capabilities of Indians, with a primary goal to aid people in surviving the trauma inflicted by Covid-19. Modern Comforts provide a wide variety of Health and Sanitization products to help lessen the spread of the disease more effectively as battling this health crisis out is our joint responsibility. Modern remains committed to serve the country by safely delivering sanitization products all across the nation. Here are the various products offered by Modern Comforts — Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser, UVC Shoe Sole Sterilizer, Modern Humidifier Fogging Machine, and iSmart UVC, to name a few. Here’s the link to shop all your safety equipment at one place

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