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Be First to Move your Fleet of Cars at Mastiii Zone: Bumper Cars

Choose your car with different appearances at Mastiii Zone and experience another level of the fair favorite, Bumper Cars. You can bash all your friends out of the way and smash their car as hard as possible while making sure you don't get your tiny ride wrecked.

Some crazy drivers await to sidetrack you, are you ready for the challenge? The objective is simple, to not give rein to other bumper cars and be the last ranger standing after knocking your buddies off the platform. Be exalted as you take command of some of the most advanced bumper cars and go head-to-head with your mates in a super-friendly bumper car battle at Greater Noida's biggest GameZone, MastiiiZone.

So when are you visiting to experience your driving skills (bumping skills)? Whenever you do, have fun, playing with Mastiii Zone's wide variety of cars with your mates! Alongside, our Snow Park, 'Snow Mastiii' is all set to enthrall the snow enthusiasts amongst you who can at the very least simply enjoy a leisure stroll across the park to feel rejuvenated while countering the heat strokes. Reserve your spot today here!

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